What our clients say...

This isn't just about finding your 'colours' Emily provides so much more. This is an emotional journey of self acceptance and realising that you can look good no matter what your size. I've gone from thinking my body shape is 'potato' to being told I'm a hourglass.... me an hourglass 😲 I would never have believed it but Emily takes the time to explain why. She doesn't just chuck you what she thinks and lets you get on with it. She is there with guidance and an amazing eye for realising who you are and maybe who you can be/want to be with a little coaching. Do it. Don't hesitate. It doesn't mean a new wardrobe either, she even gives you advice on how to add small things to make what you have work for you. You won't regret it.


Just received my analysis back and I love it! There were some things I already knew and a lot of things I would never have thought of. Its given me some brilliant ideas for my next shopping trip!


This is such a lovely pick me up! Every woman should have this done just to give them a boost. I love it!


I have recently received a premium style analysis from Style me Happy and I must say, I was delighted with how personal and detailed the analysis was. Never receiving anything like this before I didn’t know what to expect, but the service surpassed my expectations! I now feel excited by shopping again and more confident in my buying options, knowing better what will suit me but to also be more confident and bolder to embrace colours and styles I may have admired, but wouldn’t have considered before! I’ve even overhauled my makeup pallet following on from receiving my analysis, which has been noticed by colleagues, commenting how much fresher I looked. One very happy customer! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


What a fantastic service! I have felt a little lost for years, apparently kids do that to you. I kind of knew what I liked to wear but never felt "put together". When I saw style me happy I knew I had to give it a try and I am so pleased that I did. My report was just lovely, I almost shed a little happy tear. Emily pointed out some things about me that I would have never noticed. Today I am excited to debut the improved me... while I shop for earrings, all the earrings!! For anyone who isn't quite sure if they're getting it right, have a wardrobe full yet nothing to wear or just want that little bit of confidence I cannot recommend Emily enough. You won't regret it x


Great advice for what outfits suit your body shape , has given me such a confidence boost. Highly recommend 🙌🏼❤️


I've never enjoyed shopping but the advice I had from Emily has given me the confidence and knowledge to know what to pick out that will suit me. I've also updated my make up and am trying new colours. A great confidence boost and highly recommended!


I have just received my premium style analysis from Emily and am delighted with the information tips and observations Emily has made.
I feel she has got my style spot on and with her recommendations I can embrace new ideas with clothes and make up more confidently.
I feel I have received a lovely boost as she has complimented me on various areas of my body and how best to dress them. Really recommend this service. Thank you Emily.


I have really enjoyed the experience that Emily has provided for me, as I spent most of my time not knowing what to wear, and looking frumpy in clothes! For the first time, I’ve actually enjoyed online shopping and I can’t wait to try the clothes that Emily has recommended for me.
One of the most lovely people you will ever meet, her advice and support has given me a huge confidence boost! Thank you so so much!


Anyone who wants a confidence boost or just learn what not to wear... marvelous 😁